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About MensWork

Some introductory ideas:

    Men have always learned best from other men.

    Mature empathic and empowering behaviours can best be learned in groups of men, just as immature, negative habits are.

    The one-to-one therapy encounter is often too intense a learning ground for many males.

    Groups mitigate habitual male tendencies towards isolation.

    Facilitated men's groups are a change-engine for men in intimate relationships.

    Men working together therapeutically has to be one of the most effective, healing and fun ways of and awakening and bringing about change.

More introductory ideas:

Facilitated men's groups are ideally suited to young men who are searching for a different experience of masculinity than the 'toxicity' that the media puts out.

Many males grow up with inadequate contact from their fathers and this affects their own masculinity, building in a sense of distance.

What men missed in their own fathers they may find in other men; they may then be able to ‘re-programme’ their internal lack.

Supported by Therapeutic MensWork, men can challenge patterns of dominant or defensive masculinity to become a force for social change in their own communities.

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'Make me a Man' - a movie

An important new film on Menswork from Searching Group 1 participant Jerry Hyde and filmmaker Mai HUa. Just click here to to preview Director's Cut.

About MensWork. France August 2010

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